Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Waxing safely removes hair on all parts of the body for up to six weeks without stubbly regrowth. Over time, hair growth may be diminished. Our Waxing Technician will carefully prepare the skin leaving it conditioned and soft.

Prices may be subject to change upon technician’s consultation.

Name Description Cost
Abdomen Wax Starting at $20
Full Leg Wax Starting at $80
Half Leg Wax – Lower Leg $40
Half Leg Wax – Upper Leg $50
Underarm Wax $25
American Bikini Wax Starting at $35
French Bikini Wax $45
Brazilian Bikini Wax Starting at $65
Male Brazilian Wax Starting at $95
Face Wax $50
Lip or Chin Wax $16
Eyebrow Shaping $22
Eyebrow Wax $18
Eyebrow Tinting $20
Eyebrow Tinting with Wax $35
Chest & Abdomen Wax Starting at $65
Full Back Wax Starting at $50
Half Arm Wax $35
Full Arm Wax $60

Other services may be available, please ask for a consultation. For your protection, disposable spatulas are used.

If you are using Retin A or other prescription skin treatment, please inform technician prior to treatment.

Please allow a 10 day growth for hair removal or 1/4 inch.


Name Description Cost
Eyebrow $20
Chin $20
Lip $20
Face $60

Electrolysis – Permanent Hair Removal

Name Description Cost
15 Minutes $40
30 Minutes $60
45 Minutes $80
60 Minutes $100